The Maharashtra State Branch is one of the Most Active Branches of the Trained Nurses Association of India (TNAI). The Trained Nurses Association of India originally established in Mumbai (then Bombay) and Registered at Bombay has a status of Foundation Stone.

Maharashtra is one of the most developed States in all aspects, the Nursing Profession in the State is also a Progressive Profession. The contribution of the TNAI is mainly responsible for this. Maharashtra has facilities for Nursing Education from the basic level to the Doctorate level (Ph.D.). Though with increasing hospitals and community centers in Government and Private Sector the State has an acute shortage of nurses, but the quality of nursing education and services is having high professional standards.

Constitution, Byelaws, Rules, and Regulations:

The Maharashtra State Branch has its own Constitution, Byelaws Rules and Regulations Modified in 2014, based on the main Organization which is modified in 2012, The copies are available to the Members on request.

Membership and the Financial Management of the State Branch:

Any Nurse taking or has taken Nursing Education is Recognized by the Indian Nursing Council and the Maharashtra Nursing Council or any other State Nursing Council is eligible to become a Member of the Maharashtra State Branch. But she does not have to pay the subscription except the Central Subscription she pays to become LIFE MEMBER. Maharashtra State Branch does not collect any State Level Subscription. The Subscription by Demand Draft and the individual information in a prescribed form is accepted in the State Branch Office or by the senior life members authorized to accept it.

The State Branch receives the Annual Grant from the Head Quarters as per the Rules and Regulations. The State Branch is authorized to receive the donations from the Nurses and other Philanthropists and Well-wishers. The Honorary Members of the Executive Committee are responsible to maintain the accounts and send the Audited Accounts to the Head Quarters annually.


  • Upholding in every way the dignity and honor of the nursing profession.
  • Promoting the sense of esprit de corps among all nurses.
  • Enabling members to take counsel together on matters relating to their profession.

Management of the State Branch:

The Life Members of the TNAI residing in the State elect the Honorary Member of the Executive Committee every 4 years through their representatives, called House of Delegates (HOD) and General Body.

Professional Activities:

The State Branch participates in the Activities of the Head Quarters and has played a vital role always. The State Branch also prepares the Annual Activities Plan with financial provision and implements throughout the State.

The State Branch has its Regional / Local Branches which also organize the various professional activities at their level and reports to the State Branch.

  • Continuing Education Programs: In order to enhance the Knowledge and Skills of the Nurses various programs are organized throughout the States. The Nursing/ Medical and Social Scientists are involved in these programs.
  • Public Relations: Our Websites, Seminars and Conferences, Health Checkup programs, Focus Group Discussions, and Our Official Publications are the main Resources for the Public Relations. Our senior and Nurse Experts use the Printing and Electronic Media also.
  • Guidance and Counselling: Our Senior Members and Experts extend these services to our Student Nurses, Nurses in the Service, and also to the Public in general willing to know the Nursing Profession.
  • Personal and Professional Development: The Activities Plan has a main objective to help the nurses to give opportunities for their personal and professional development through various kinds of competitions.

Projects Undertaken and Completed:

  • SIDA Project: Improving Midwifery and Emergency obstetric Services in India in collaboration with Swedish Improvement Development of India at the Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad (2005-2009).
  • IAPNRP – The Indian Academy of Pediatrics and National Resuscitation Program: The State Branch is an Active Partner and is conducting Skill Development Programs throughout the State.
  • Research Programs: The State Branch conducts Research Programs regularly. Recently such programs were conducted in the Selected Nursing Colleges on academic performance. The other was conducted to find out the Health Status of Students in Primary Schools in Navi Mumbai.
  • Professional Book: The State Branch has brought out a book on Medical Surgical Nursing: A nursing process approach. IT was financed by the Head Quarters and the Nurse Experts from Maharashtra and a few Experts from other States contributed to writing this book.
  • Socio-Economic Welfare Programs: Students proceedings for higher studies are recommended for Scholarships awarded by the Head Quarters. Students and Nurses are entitled to Railway Concession @of 50% and 25% respectively. They are also entitled to have a guest room facility at the headquarters of Delhi at a concessional rate.
  • Florence Nightingale National Awards for Nurses: Every year the nurses are selected from all the States who have done a par excellence performance in the interest of the profession and public these awards are given at the hands of the HONORABLE PRESIDENT OF INDIA in Rashtrapati Bhavan on 12th May every year which is an International Nurses Day. The Nurses have received these awards from the year 1996 and still, it continues.
  • National Leadership: Maharashtra has provided leadership to the Nurses in India and also on an international level. Out of 9 Founder Members, 4 were from Bombay. We are proud that the following Nursing personnel have been elected as National President of the Association: Miss T K Adranwala (1942-43,1948-53) Mrs. Harriot Chabook (1979-83) Ms. Durga Mehta (1988-91) Mr. A B Kulkarni (2005-10) He was also National Vice President (1993-97) Ms. Durga Mehata and Mr. A B KULKARNI have been Representative on Commonwealth Nurses Federation. MRS ANITA DEODHAR is Elected Unanimously as President TNAI. Her Tenure will be 2014-2019.
  • We are proud to mention that TNAI was established and registered in Maharashtra and celebrated its CENTENARY (100 years) in 2008. Our Chief Guest was Honorable MR A P J Abdul Kalam, Former President of India.
SNA 2023

Student Nurses Association of India, Maharashtra

The Maharashtra State follows the National SNA Constitution and all the activities are carried out as per the guidelines from the National level. SNA Maharashtra State Branch is headed by the STATE SNA Advisor who is from the Teaching faculty who is elected from one of the Nursing education institutions in the State. Maharashtra Branch also elects students Office Bearers at the State level.