With a view to make the TNAI membership more attractive, the TNAI Council (vide Minutes No.: EC/CL/2015/4) has decided to offer an attractive alternative Membership Plan which is more simplified and economic for students.

A student opting for the new Membership Plan has to pay just a lump sum of Rs. 2,000/- at the time of Admission (inclusive of SNA subscription for 4 years, Scholarship Fund and SNA to TNAI Membership fee) and he/she shall become a full TNAI Member automatically after completion of the course, thus saving substantially and avoiding to pay annual SNA Subscription fee every year.

The ANM Students requires to Pay Rs. 1,000/- at the time of admission inclusive of SNA subscription for 2 years, scholarship fund, and SNA to Associate membership of TNAI.

Membership plan for II, III, and IV year students:

Under the existing rules, at the time of becoming an SNA member the student pay Rs.150/- per year plus Rs.50/- (towards Scholarship Fund) for 1st year, and Rs. 150/- yearly for II, III, and IV years. Again, after completion of the course, he /she is required to pay the TNAI Membership fee of Rs. 2,200/- to become SNA to TNAI member.


  • The New SNA-TNAI Membership Plan is applicable from 2016-2017 Academic year onwards.
  • The last day for receiving the subscription fee for this academic year (2016-2017) is 31st December 2016. We urge all the units to enroll the students to become a member of SNA.
  • The Institutions are free to choose either of the membership plans.